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"My Venetian Addiction"

   In 1987 I fell in love with Venice Italy. My stay on that trip was only three days but I knew that I would be back. What I never really expected was that it would take me 28 years to get back!

   Having earned a degree in Professional Photography, building experience and skill throughout the American Southwest, The Azores Islands, and Japan, I was ready for Venice again.

   I made my first Venice shoot in 2015 and again I fell in love with the city, its art, architecture, history, and the food and wine. I knew that I wanted to shoot in Venice..... a lot. I laid aside all of my travel photography dreams just so I could focus on Venice.

   After 2015 I began an in depth study of the city. It has an incredible history connecting it thorough the Adriatic Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

   I read Josephs Brodsky's, "Watermark". Mr. Brodsky spent 18 January's in a row, writing and translating poetry in Venice. "Watermark" was one result of those visits. During my January 2023 trip, I decided that I would top Brodsky and photograph Venice every year, but not necessary in January. My three visits have all been in January and February, Spring always follows the winter. I also want to stray away from the more "iconic" places and photograph "Venice Obscura".


   Venice Italy Fine Art Prints.

"For this is the city of the eye; your other faculties play a faint second fiddle."

~Joseph Brodsky

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Venice 2023


Venice 2015

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