"The Holga Project"

Welcome to the Holga Camera Project!

   What is a Holga Camera? Holga’s are an interesting “toy” camera that uses 120 film to produce low fidelity images. The low-cost construction, complete lack of operational functions and the simple meniscus lens, produces unconventional photography that has won awards in both art and news photography.

   If you if you would like to participate in The Holga Project, take a look at the instructions below first and then contact me at tommydykesphotography@gmail.com

Roll #1 Colorado Springs, Colorado

June-July 2020

The first roll is a success! I can't decide if my favorite image is 5 of 9, by Red Cliff or 9 of 9 by Robin Schneider. In Robin's image look closely at the lamp post on the left to truly see a Holga camera at work!