"American Flags"

   This is small gallery of American Flags that I have put together just for fun. In my travels around the United States, I am always looking to photograph American flags, particularly the ones that I find the most interesting and beautiful. I have also included some U.S. flag trivia that you might find interesting. If you purchase a print from one of my other galleries, I will send you a free print from the "American Flag" gallery (8½" x 11' luster paper only). Enjoy.

27 Stars-1.jpg

27 Stars at Bents Fort, Colorado

   The First Flag Resolution was adopted by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, and read; "Resolved that the flag of the 13 United States be 13 stripes alternate red and white, that the Union be 13 stars, white in a blue field representing the new constellation."


San Fransisco, California

   The Second Flag Resolution, dated May 1, 1795, made law that new stars and stripes be added to the flag when new states were admitted to the Union. Vermont and Kentucky were the first two new states added so for a time, Old Glory was 15 stars and 15 stripes. But did you know that the new star is not added until the next Fourth of July!


The Golden Gate Bridge.

   The Third Flag Act, December 9, 1816, caused much debate, particularly in the House of Representatives. Because of the War of 1812 the flag had become a symbol of national importance. What should the flag look like to the new and growing nation as well as the world? On April 14, 1818 it was agreed that the flag would revert to the original thirteen stripes with one star representing each state. It also clarified that the stripes would be horizontal.


Florissant, Colorado

   Each new flag becomes official on the Fourth of July of the following year and the new star is added. This is done to strengthen the tradition of celebrating the Declaration of Independence.


50 Stars on the 2019 Fourth of July.