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"Taylor Rock Arizona"

     It was day two of a four day shoot in the Four Corners region. I had been enjoying this view of The Mittens and Merrick Butte for several minutes when the east mitten began to light up. Knowing that these events do not last long, I set up the tripod and camera for a shot.

     But my view was blocked! One after another “selfie” takers would jump up onto the rock and make their portrait. Finally a break came and Taylor Rock was free. I had just enough time to make several exposures before the next “selfie” moved in.

     Stepping back and reviewing my images, it suddenly came to me. I know this scene! After another moment it came to me, Ansel Adams!

     With a very week cell phone signal I was able to learn that Mr. Adams had indeed photographed this very scene. And, I know why, it’s a beautiful iconic scene of the American Southwest.

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